Evaluating the effects of temperature in the mitochondrial energy transduction efficiency of the forest pest Lymantria dispar

The environment and population of the growth and reproduction of the gypsy moth on plants in the United States.Stages of growth of the gypsy moth.2- Thermal physiology: Metabolism in the gypsy moth.The difference in temperature and its importance in the metabolism process.The importance of mitochondria in animal cells in energy production.3-Mitocondria physiology: ATP production in mitochondria and explanation of respiration, oxygen consumption and unproductive respiration.Explain ATP and how it increases at temperatures above ideal and ADP in mitochondria: .CI, CII, CIII , CIV, and CVWhere, PMG, PRO, S, G3P, AND ADPOXPHOS and Leak .write as a second language .add Works cited .