Example of presentation of the structure for each domain- this example focuses

Example of presentation of the structure for each domain- this example focuses on the cognitive domain.

Sandra Rink HLST 320

Cognitive Domain

Objective: By the conclusion of our teaching session, John will be able to explain the importance of weight loss for managing type 2 diabetes as evidenced by his understanding of the correlation between obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of the cognitive domain has six stages of hierarchy: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create, that are arranged in sequence from lower order thinking skills to higher order thinking skills (Iowa State University, 2012). A learning objective from the cognitive domain contains a verb and an object; the verb is explain by the cognitive process dimension and outlines what action is expected of the client, while the object represents the understanding the client is expected to demonstrate and is described by the knowledge dimension (Iowa State University, 2012). The measurable action of the cognitive learning objective is the term “explain,” which falls into the second cognitive process category – understand (Iowa State University, 2012). The measurable objective, explain, relates to the factual level of the knowledge dimension classification; as it involves creating meaning from teaching and then using that instruction to solve problems or gain a better understanding of a topic (Iowa State University, 2012). This lower level of learning is appropriate for John, as he has minimal knowledge in the area of the relationship of diet, exercise and weight loss in managing his type 2 diabetes to achieve his weight loss goal of 10kg. ; therefore, the understanding level of learning would meet his current learning needs.

The activated health education model best applies to this learning objective, as this theory engages the individual in an assessment of their health, causes them to dwell on their health choices and ideal behaviour, and then involves individuals in behaviour modification; it relates to this learning objective as the 10kg weight loss will cause John to assess his health choices, lifestyle changes and exercise and his dietary habits, and then be involved in the behaviour modification (Dennison & Golaszewski, 2002, as cited in World Health Organization (WHO), 2012).

The activated health education model will motivate the learner as it will cause the client to become aware of the need for change; thus, leading to a desire for change (Dennison & Golaszewski, 2002, as cited in WHO, 2012). John’s learning style has not been indicated; therefore, I will conduct an assessment to determine the client’s needs and learning style for each of the domains.

Resources and strategies used will include printed handouts to include the lecture as well as a brief lecture discussing dietary choices, exercise , and diabetes to obtain his 10kg weight loss.