Expanding Figures by Loie Hollowell

Paper will be on Expanding Figures by Loie HollowellThe worksheet is for organization and note taking purposes.                The Four Steps of Art Criticism                1. Documentation (labeling of the work.)                -Title – What is the title?-Artist – Who is the artist and what can we know of him/her?-Medium – What are the materials that were used to create this work?-Scale – Is the work small, medium, large in size? (in relation to other works of art or objects)                2. Describe (what is it that is here?)- What are the elements that combine to make up the image? Describe what is actually in front of you, trying to be objective. Consider subject matter, medium, formal elements, and overall composition.- What are you looking at? Include the obvious and not so obvious.                – What do I know with certainty about this image?                Describe what you see. Not everyone sees what you see, so your description is important. It forms the context for your interpretation.                3. Interpretation of the Work                All images are subjective, and interpreted through the eyes of the artist and the viewer. We cannot assign truth or meaning to the work without detailed examination. Interpretation is telling about the intent, content, meaning, sense, tone, mood of the image. To miss symbolism and metaphor and see only the literal is to misunderstand the expressive aspects of art. But be careful not to presume anything at first. Remember that your interpretation is part of the discourse of a community-one that you belong to. The artist does not own the meaning of the work. What the artist thinks about an image should be one of several competing interpretations of the image.        – What is this image about? (This not expressing your likes and dislikes…tell us what you think the artist is trying to communicate)- What do you believe is the purpose or intention of the work? What do the ingredients of the piece imply to you concerning meaning?                – Categorize this work as: Instrumentalism, Imitationalism, Expressionism, or Formalism? (Refer to the document: Four Main Categories of Art) Placing the work into one or more of these categories will offer direction.)- Provide your rationale for the above using the evidence from #2 above to support your interpretation of the work. Use the document of the Four Main Categories of Art and relate your findings to this.                Subject matter is not too obvious to discuss, it is important to discourse to have descriptive discussion, it is essential to criticism. Consider the intention, subject matter, materials, and the form.4. Evaluating