Explain one case from the documentary in detail and describe the ethical controversy surrounding the case

The Staten Island institution known as Willowbrook was a residence for the mentally disabled.

In the 50’s children were sent away to a school where parents and family member though was safe. A place that can do something for those with special needs. With the support of family encouraging parents to send their children away, those children were taken to Willowbrook. Surprisingly Willowbrook was the worse place to leave a child.  No one knew what was going on until reporter TV Geraldo Rivera went in with hidden cameras to show the world how horrible those children were being treated. Residence were left to languish, neglected, living in horrible conditions. Over 5000 residence It was a day to day struggle for those children, Fewer than 20% attended school. 600 hundred employees were laid off due to budget cuts. 6 months latter another 200 hundred more employees lost their job, it was dropped to 40 residence to 1 aide;2 people took care of 70 residence. Those children used the same toilet and contracted the same disease. Between 6 months of addition residence suffer from Parasites and pneumonia. Hepatitis was all around the school, residence suffer from emotional trauma, resulting in unattended care. Due to shortage of staff some children had broken leg, crushed fingers, as stated at that time by the deceased former president John F. Kennedy, that place was a snake pit. The conditions were abysmal, the law was protecting the school and preventing others to see what was really going on.  Willowbrook smelled awful, like filth, infectious disease, feces. Some were misdiagnosed, beating with sticks and key chains. Willowbrook was a disgraced. After Willowbrook was shut down those families took care of their disable child they never knew how badly those children were treated. Some parents would checked their bodies for marks. Those children rights were violated, their needs were neglected. This could happen to anybody; those children are first human then disabled.

At the age of 3 Barnard was missed diagnosed as being mentally retarded and was place at Willowbrook. Barnard lived there for 18 years, he suffered from Cerebral palsy. Barnard was physical but not mentally disabled. It was difficult for him to express himself while he stayed at the Willowbrook school. He was beating with sticks, Key chains, kicked his head in the wall. He was abused to make it worse none of his family came to see him. They came to see him every 5 to 10 years. The ethical controversy in this case was children were not protected, they were infected and abused. Barnard was not only mistreated he was also misdiagnosed.

 In 1987, NYC Mayor ED. KOCH, presented a new program to help removed mentally disturbed people of the street and forced them into psychotic program. Joyce brown was the first homeless person to defeat psychotic treatment program. The ethical controversy surrounding Joyce brown case is the involuntary medically treated. Being homeless doesn’t make someone mentally ill. Joyce was a competent woman to make her own decision, she knew her right therefore she defended her autonomy right as a patient. Joyce got arrested, her blood was taken without her consent. She was mistreated her rights were violated.