exploring Saskatchewan biomes

g. farming, recreation)-plants and wildlife unique to the area*any other interesting facts you find (optional)*When you are writing about a species, use the common name (e.g. domestic cat) as well as the Latin name (e.g. Felis catus) upon first mention. Note that in the latter case, the first word is capitalized but the second is not, and both words are italicized. Thereafter, it is fine to refer to it using the common name.Body of the Paper – Part 2-For this part of the paper, you will write about how the land has changed in the Prairie biome, and how this has affected aboriginal people. – There are no specific facts or topics to cover for this part of the paper Links to help research https://royalsaskmuseum.caRequirements:- 3 other sources of information for your report.- double-spaced Arial 10 pt, with normal margins. – Add page numbers. – title- references page