fair trade group work

The analysis requires preparing a brief summary of the issue(s) as well as clear analysis and a STRATEGIC (value Delivery focused) recommendation. This discussion should:
Specifically state the Value Delivery Network Problem (not the symptoms); this discussion may indicate a hierarchy of challenges but concludes with a clear statement of the problem to be addressed. This is not a recap of the content of the case; it’s a statement of the problem.
Present the results of ANALYSIS as key insights (these can be from the case, readings, research). Essentially, this is a summary of critical factors and forces which must be considered and assesses the opportunities and threats posed by these forces. Note, the case may include data which should be analyzed by students prior to group discussion. This is a chance for students to apply tools/techniques/perspectives from readings to analysis. Remember, these are cases chosen for Value Delivery Networks course – look for the insights which can be developed.
Makes a clear statement of a response to the problem; outlines the direction to pivot the organization and considers tactical implications (resources, time, responsibilities, and contingencies).
Concludes with a statement of expected outcome. A one paragraph statement which essentially states: Based on our insights (developed in “B”) to address (problem stated in “A”) we must do “C” to achieve “D”.
ALL Cases require some quant analysis; group cases (not to exceed three members) are more complex and involve more sophisticated analysis. Case Analysis are uploaded in canvas.
My team has finished their part, and elaborate more on my part as much as possible. And highlight the elaboration and analysis you made, do not change the original paper, just done my part.
The first one the case we try to do, the second file is group work which you can do my part there.