Family Relationships

Provides students with an opportunity to explore a particular subject in depth and further develop skills of critical thinking, research techniques, and clear expression necessary for academic writing. This is a composition class in which students will further develop the expository writing and critical thinking skills that they cultivated in English 1010 and study a literary topic. The course will culminate in a 1,000-word research paper on which students will work on throughout the semester. Through their engagement with a variety of texts, students will develop their skills in summarizing, close reading, literary analysis, critical thinking, argumentation and research.Course Objectives Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:Read and think criticallyUnderstand how language operatesExpress ideas – both orally and in writing – correctly, cogently, persuasively, and in conformity with the conventions of the disciplineConduct research and write a research paperABOVE ALL – achieve CLARITY in writingPaul Auster, The Brooklyn Follies — Scroll down on the link provided below and read the first 17 pages of the novel.