Family-Teacher Partnerships

Scenario: As the new lead teacher, one of your first interactions was when Jo’s mother arrived to drop Jo off for her first day in your group. You watched from the breakfast table as they entered the door. Jo’s mother was in a hurry and rushed past the table on her way to Jo’s cubby to hang up her backpack. She kissed Jo on the cheek and rushed back out the door with a quick wave back to Jo. Although Jo had been a visitor for one day last week, you were not present, and today was Jo’s first day in your group. You had not yet met Jo’s mother and felt as though you missed a key interaction on Jo’s first day. You walked over to Jo, knelt to her eye level, and welcomed Jo to your group. You make a mental note to review the morning routine in your reflection journal that afternoon.Instructions:First, read the above scenario.Next, reflect on the following and provide your thoughts and answers in your reflection journal entry.Provide hypothetical observations/thoughts (based on the above scenario) of Jo’s family interactions during drop-off and Jo’s potential reactions to this drop-off.Describe two action steps you will take to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to apply the principles of NAEYC Standard 2: Family-Teacher Partnership and Community Connections directly related to Jo and her family.Explain how you plan to learn more about Jo and the family to support your understanding of their unique family characteristics, community, and needs (Standard 2a).Discuss one way you plan to apply this new knowledge to foster a respectful, reciprocal relationship with Jo’s family to support optimal learning and development (Standard 2b).