Family Violence

Please provides a clear introduction with explanation and orientation to the presentation; audience of a Community College setting clearly identified. Provides clear discussion about faith integration, including verse(s) from Scripture. Provides clear conclusion, including personal reflections about family violence. Thoroughly discusses the various forms of family violence. All forms are included, and examples are provided. Discussion is clear and detailed. Thoroughly discusses the various ethical and legal responsibilities of human service professionals in mandated reporting. Examples are provided. Thoroughly discusses the various historical elements of family violence, including the influence of race and religion. Current issues are thoroughly discussed, including college violence, dating violence, violence toward the LGBT community and men. Examples are provided. Demonstrates clear understanding of the knowledge in the history and systems of human services delivery. Clearly integrates philosophical foundations, key movements and figures that influenced the field, the formal founding of the human services as discipline, and current intervention strategies used in the service delivery within human service profession. Demonstrates excellent ability to integrate and evaluate research methods to the study of human services with understanding of the relationship between research and practice. Demonstrates strong knowledge and identification of diversity competent practice in human services. Clearly demonstrates the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of best practice strategies across a variety of populations in diverse human service settings.• Section #1- Introduction: Discuss a brief overview of family violence and what this essay aims to accomplish. You should identify an audience/Community College for this essay provide rationale about the importance of this topic.• Section #2- Family Violence: This section should discuss the various types of violence that can occur within families, including the various types of child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence. Provide examples and citations.

• Section #3-Law and ethics: This section should discuss the various ethical responsibilities human service professionals must maintain regarding violence and abuse. Provide explanation about why it is crucial for human service professionals to be properly trained and always follow the proper legal and ethical guidelines. Provide examples and citations.

• Section #4-Historical context and current issues: This section should discuss the history of violence in families, including discussion about the influence of religion and race. This section should also provide information about current violence issues in American society, including violence among college students, dating relationships, toward the LGBT community, and toward men. Provide examples and citations.

• Section #5-Faith integration and conclusion: This section should discuss the connection between the Christian message and serving as a human services professional for clients who have experienced violence or abuse. What does Scripture have to say about these issues? Provide examples and discuss your concluding thoughts about your role as a human service professional.