(website development, talk about html,css,MySQL, etc.)
Answer the questions on whether the technology needed for the system exists, how difficult it will be to build, and whether you (or your client) and end-users have enough technical experience and infrastructure using and maintaining that technology in the future.
Use what I’ve written so far to help you write about the technical feasibility
When buying a t-shirt from a t-shirt shop, it is often not personally designed to your own interest, as it is often not customizable and not truly what a customer is looking for. Furthermore, customers will need to walk to the physical store to view and purchase products. Some t-shirt shops, however, give the customers the opportunity to design their own t-shirt online and let customers browse through store products without walking to the physical store. For the online portal, there is a possibility for bugs to occur during purchase. For the physical store, it lacks creativity with various types of customers with different interests and often takes too much time for customers to come to the store. The objective of the online portal is to attract new customers by providing the customer with the ability to design their own t-shirt, and get the product with a simple click of a button. Customers are able to browse through Mytshirt’s product using the online portal, provide the design that they desire and purchase the products with ease.
Online portal gives customers easy access to t-shirt store products, also gives customers the freedom to design their own t-shirt. With the online website, customers are able to purchase t-shirts faster than the physical store, it does not require customers to come to the actual store to purchase items and gives them the ability to customize their own t-shirts.
In order for this system to work, the information of the customers must be accurate and trustworthy by requiring customers to create an account that verifies their information, accept the policy, and link their account to a credit card. The website must give customers the option to choose different sizes and the ability to design their t-shirts. Furthermore, link each created purchase made to the according customer, if the customer has any questions, there must be a live chat for the customer to reach help.
Our non-functional requirements include the minimum level of security that our website should have, the quality of our systems, the conventions of the website, how the function performance should be, and our maintainability on our website. Example will be we will backup our database for every 24 hours, our maintenance should take no longer than 12 hours, at least 10gb space for the database, and more. These requirements are needed to give the customers the effortless experience that they should have.