FEEDBACK REPORT 8 Brief to follow to write the 1000 words :


Brief to follow to write the 1000 words :

Introduction: addressed directly to your participant, includes purpose of the summary report, references to the employability agenda (with intext citation), the importance of feedback (with intext citation) and how the report is structured and say thank the person I observed that he participated in the development centre.

Areas of strength

Two sections

Activity (ex: icebreaker, individual, group)competency measured (communication, problem solving, team work, decision making ) BARS achieved xxx

Activity xxxx competency measured xxx BARS achieved xxx

Areas for development (weaknesses)

Two sections

Activity xxxx competency measured xxx BARS achieved xxx

Activity xxxx competency measured xxx BARS achieved xxx


1000 words / you can follow the structure of the essay I have bellow please is done by my class mate so don’t copy paste it just use it as a guide.

It will be easier for you to understand.

The person I observed was good in everything however you still need to write about his 2 weaknesses during the development center .

The strength and weaknesses can be taken from the below activities :

Activity 1 was the icebreaker ( 2 truths and one lie and the student has to know which one was the lie.) he did well in this activity (competencies :communication ,decision making )

Activity 2 Group Problem Solving Activity competencies :team work, problem solving , decision making ) he did well in all

Overview of the task   

Group required to challenge an escape room.  

 What the activity involves   

The group will be divided into two teams. The two teams will separately be given the same quests and tasks. 


3 quests will be created with 3 tasks in each. 


The first task of each quest will be a “fill in the missing word” task, whereby the team will try to understand the missing words to key sentences.  


The teams will move onto task 2, the “code cracker”. The teams will be given a sentence with missing numbers. Using the code cracker, the team will investigate what are the correct numbers to complete the sentence.  


The final task for each quest will be a “link the statement” task. The teams will be tasked with finding which definition, or term, or date will link with the statement.  


Activity 3 Individual Task Activity (competencies used /decision making /problem solving )  

Overview of the task 

writing an email for a manager giving them feedback on a specific issue  


What the activity involves 


This is an individual activity where the participants are asked to write an email to their manager, addressing the fact that they are working overtime and not getting paid for their time.  

Feedback Report

Check this as a guide

Learning and assessments are an integral part of growing and expanding knowledge. The extra eye that watches for where we go wrong and most importantly where we go right, and excel is a critical input in the process of learning. I am a believer in correcting mistakes and honesty. Most importantly I believe that credit should be given where it is deserved. This is because learning and education, , it is a daunting task that not only sucks one’s mental energy but also their physical well-being. The human resource development center associated with this activity was a critical learning and assessment aspect of my learning journey. This is because I was able to evaluate a student on four activities firsthand and understand not how people see me from the outside (Dinkmeyer & Eckstein, 2015). The development centers that Tom should watch out for include communication and team working. It is notable that regardless of the comprehension abilities, participating in a team and working as a team player are key elements in learning. Tom is an above average student with adequate learning skills. A it is the common norm, learning is infinite. The employability centers are mainly focusing on areas of improvement. I believe that Tom is a good student with all the required skills. Most notably there is more room to grow and become fully engaged (Dinkmeyer & Eckstein, 2015). These areas include participation, concentration and focus as well as responses to questions and quizzes. This means that Tom has more room to improve and engage in more challenging tasks with even greater skills. This will only be possible if he builds on his existing strengths and continuously create room for more learning.

Feedback provides an avenue for a student to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of others. Personal SWOT analysis can be biased. However, if the strengths and weaknesses are identified by an anonymous or unbiased observer, the benefits are numerous. For this learning exercise, the feedback is aimed at improvement as opposed to bringing the student down. For Tom, the evaluation will be based on events that can define his activities and responses to learning situations.

Strength One -Problem solving

Math question Activity – Competency measured: problem solving
BARS Scale: 3 out of 5

Cottrell (2015) defines problem solving as a process through which solutions for complex problems are identified and utilized to address the problem at hand. Problem solving focuses on the ability to look at a problem in different angles, identify alternative options and solutions and settle for the best solution. This strength was measured through the math question activity for the problem-solving competencies. Tom received a 3 out of the 5 bars used for ranking. The problem-solving activity was comprised of several mathematics questions. Tom had remarkable skills with numbers, and he arrived at situations with ease. In my opinion, he found new ways to add large numbers multiply with ease and arrive at other answers to even more challenging questions using different methods (Cottrell, 2015). The ability to utilize different methods for the primary purpose of arriving at a conclusion that is right was remarkable.

To improve your score, I recommend you to focus on the following;

Focus on the conventional ways to solve the existing problems. This is because the focus on other methods might be complicated. For example following procedures and confirming where possible

Learn to remain objective and break down silos. This means that there is no need to wander off the question. It is also important to break down a problem and find solutions to the individual parts.

Translating research into creative ideas can really be beneficial (Dinkmeyer & Eckstein, 2015). This is because it allows you to put what you already learned or researched into perspective and language that others can understand.

Strength two – communication

Debate Activity – Competency measured: communication
BARS Scale: 3 out of 5

Dinkmeyer & Eckstein (2015) define communication as a process through which ideas within a group or any two people are shared using verbal and non-verbal skills. Communication is a process of exchanging information through verbal, non-verbal or written means. This strength was measured using the interactions and ability to present your ideas. You had good ideas, and you tried to express them to the groups you were involved in the most efficient manner. In my opinion, you are good at listening which is a critical strength in communication. You followed instructions, listened to other people’s ideas and ensured that the others saw instructions from your understanding. For this strength, you received 3 out of 5 bars. This means that you have more room for improvement and growth when it comes to communication.

To improve your score, I recommend you to consider the following;

It is important to be as clear and objective as possible especially when it is large groups involved. You can achieve this by watching conversations and discussions inyoutube videos. You can also identify videos that explain the importance of remaining objective.

Try to use your body to communicate to complement the verbal communication. This helps to engage the audience. You can achieve this by focusing on what your hands do. These skills can be learned by practicing more.

I recommend you to hold more eye contact if you are in a group. Eye contact exudes confidence. You can practice through public speaking and engaging in groups more.

Strength three – teamwork

Consultancy project Activity – Competency measured: teamwork
BARS Scale: 3 out of 5

Team work is the collaborative action of a group of people to achieve a common outcome (McCormack et al., 2018). As the name suggests, teamwork provides an avenue to share and achieve a group objective. Your teamwork skills are above average with a score of 3 out of the 5 bars. In the consultancy activity, you were a good team player. Your listening skills came in handy, and the eye contact with the others was a good and critical input. Teamwork entails actively engaging in what your team is doing. As much as you contributed some ideas, you were fairly quiet. I believe that with more practice and getting used to the group, you have would do better.

To improve your score, you should consider the following;

Engaging in open communication. It is important to note that communication is always two-way. This can be achieved by working with other people more.

Get more engaged, exercise and actively participate in every activity regardless of who you are helping.

Identify your roles and focus on finishing them up first to ensure you do not lag the team behind.

Weakness 1 – communication

Consultancy project Activity – Competency measured: communication
BARS Scale: 2.5 out of 5

McCormack et al. (2018) defines the communication competency in group working as the ability to actively become engaged with a group through collaborative actions to solve a problem. This is achieved by verbally and non-verbally conforming to the group objective. This competency was assessed during the consultancy activity. You received 2.5 bars out 5 in this exercise. You were fairly quiet throughout the activity. This activity required a lot of brainstorming and engagements. In the same context, you seemed anxious which affected your sinc with the rest of the group. Staying in sync with a group ensures that things do not get repeated.

To improve your score, I recommend you to consider the following;

Focus on the goal of the project to ensure that your idea generation is not affected by the rest, but by how right or important they are to the project.

Be precise and ask questions where there is a problem. This helps you stay in sync with the members. lastly, focus on expressing your ideas regardless of how bad you might think they are.

Weakness 2 – leadership

Debate Activity – Competency measured: LEADERSHIP
BARS Scale: 2.5 out of 5 /

The leadership competency is defined as the ability to lead or exercise control over a group of people. Leadership allows an individual to assess different ideas and decide on what direction the team takes. This competency was assessed during the debate activity. You received 2.5 bars out of the five bars. From the observations made, communication to the other team members was a challenge. To lead you are better suited if you inspire the rest by communicating.

To improve your score, you should consider the following;

Communicating effectively and engaging the ideas of the others. This can be achieved by listening and observing other leaders in action. Leadership communication can also be achieved by practicing to communicate especially in group scenarios

Trust in the abilities of the team. This is because leaders must believe in their teams. You can achieve this by delegating tasks and assessing the final outcome.

Tap into the team members values. In order to understand and lead a group, you have to know the team values and conform to the most desirable.

Set definitive goals and have a clear vision. A good leader has a vision and goals. These elements provide the target that the leader seeks to achieve. Through the goals and targets, leaders can set smaller achievable targets for their team members.

Weakness 3 –team work

Debate Activity – Competency measured: team work
BARS Scale: 2.5 out of 5 / draw the stars correctly

Teamwork is the ability to conform to collaborative action to achieve a common goal. This competency was assessed in the debate activity. You received a 2.5 score out of 5. This weakness comes as a result of the actions and low motivation as well as communication in the activity. To achieve good teamwork, it is important to have a communication protocol to ensure that everyone participates. It is also important to motivate and find the motivation to participate.

To improve your score

Focus on your communication skills and most importantly express your ideas.

Identify your roles as a leader or a team player and execute them to the best of your abilities (Dinkmeyer & Eckstein, 2015).


Humans are in a continuous process of discovery and learning. The development centre provides a platform for the growth of skills, assessing other people’s skills and making them better at their competencies. The centre is a place for positive criticism and continuous growth and development. In my opinion, the development centre is the most important place of learning. Unlike the conventional or traditional classroom designs where theories are expected to design and shape skills and competencies, the development centre actively focuses on the competencies regardless of the scores in theoretical exercises. This centre allows students to dig deep and identify skills they are good in and those that they need to perfect. This centre helps people get diverse views on their competencies and prepares them for their future careers. Through continuous development, one can achieve competencies tailored to their specifications and abilities.


Cottrell, S. (2015). Skills for success: Personal development and employability. Macmillan International Higher Education.

Dinkmeyer, D., & Eckstein, D. (2015). Leadership by encouragement. CRC Press.

McCormack, R. K., Kilcullen, T., Sinatra, A. M., Brown, T., & Beaubien, J. M. (2018, May). Scenarios for training teamwork skills in virtual environments with GIFT. In Proceedings of the Sixth Annual GIFT Users Symposium (Vol. 6, p. 189). US Army Research Laboratory.






Review Date (s)


Assume more leadership positions

Communicate more

Group works

Public speaking


Watch videos such as

Ability to control a group

One month


Practice in group



Watch talks such as

Read communication texts

Level of contributions and body language involvement


One month


Engage others in decisions

Communicate more

More group exercises

Assume leadership positions

Ability to interact and express yourself

The effectiveness of the group you are leading

One month


Address people in groups

Work on your communication skills such as eye contact

Focus on confidence development videos such as

Read texts such as Bourne, E. J. (2011). The anxiety and phobia workbook. New Harbinger Publications.

Ability to hold eye contact

Ability to express oneself