Final Paper Essay Questions ETHN 203W, Fall 2020 Dr. Yan In the

Final Paper Essay Questions

ETHN 203W, Fall 2020

Dr. Yan

In the following you will see six different essay questions. You will need to choose and write on one essay question. When writing your essay, please consider the following questions:

How has your learning of your chosen essay question affected your preconceptions or misconceptions?

How does your learning of your chosen essay question affect you view of the Asian Americans, the world and your life?

Will what you have learned of your chosen essay question change your behavior in the future? How?

Ultimately writing the essay encourages you to find what is meaningful to you and thus it adds value to your learning. Please do NOT simply outline or summarize your answer. I want to see your critical thinking and learning process.

The final essay is:

to be double-spaced, 6-8 pages long (excluding cover page and reference page) using 12-point font, New Times Roman with 1-inch margins and correct spelling, grammar, and syntax.

to reference/cite at least 3 sources in the essay. Sources could include readings from the course texts, videos used in the course, and other material used in class.

to use APA format citation and reference page format. Make sure your in-text citations match your reference page. For more information, please check the APA citation here:

Essay questions:

1. Compare Ellis Island and Angel Island in terms of its role in the U.S. immigration history. What are the differences and similarities?

2. Some people think that there is no difference among Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Hmong Americans because they are practically the same Asians. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? For example,

Refugees vs immigration

Immigration status (immigration vs citizen)

Conflicts before they immigrated

3. In our class, we talked about the importance of 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act to Asian Americans especially the Model Minority stereotype. Please write your opinions on why and how it is important.

4. Describe the socio-economic and ethnic diversity among Southeast Asian refugees who have resettled in the United States after 1975. How it impacted Asian American communities? Any impact on the model minority stereotype?

5. Please describe the model minority stereotype. What are the reasons of prompting this stereotype?

6. Some may say that Asian Americans sometimes are white, sometimes are black. What are your thoughts on this statement? Why do you think people have this type of stereotype?