Final Reflection Essay

Choose one of the four topics to research further, using your text and online resources to explore in depth.Resources: Use your textbook and online resources from previous modules to use in your Reflective Essay.See Writing Resources at the bottom of your Course Content (left column) to help you with essay writing and documentation of sources.Assignment: Please respond to one of the following questions in a five-paragraph essay utilizing MLA format. Include in-text citations and References or Works Cited. Check for grammar and proper spelling. This essay should be approximately 600-1000 words in formal academic style.Essay Topics: (Choose one only to gather research and develop into essay.)1. Describe the Colombian culture exchange beginning in 1492 on the Native Americas. Consider the clash of cultures and its effects on Europe and especially in the Americas.2. Compare and contrast the arts and cultures of Africa and Oceania. Consider the role and power of art in such areas as mask-making, dance, body adornments, and power figures in any African and Oceanic cultures. What similarities can be found?3. Trace the history and culture of Hawaii. Identify the Polynesian origins of Hawaiian culture and the effects of European culture from Captain Cook, the missionaries, and finally the United States. In what ways was Hawaiian culture transformed by Cook, similar to the Colombian cultural exchange in the Americas?Essay Guidelines:Make an original title that reflects your thesis statementBegin with context and background that leads into a thesis statement in your introduction.Provide supporting research in your body paragraphs, using parenthetical citationsEnd with a summary/concluding paragraph in your own wordsProvide References or Works Cited with full sources to match citationsSubmit your completed essay as a word doc or rtf file in the drop box below.