Financial Crime Being Investigated

This is often achieved by referencing resources in the field to help the write establish a gap between what is reality within the research topic, before briefly addressing what the researcher’s study will aim to do attempt to better understand the topic and bridge that gap. Construct a 250-500 word (1-2 page, properly formatted) research problem statement to act as the introduction to your hypothetical research (again, acknowledging that we will only write the introduction and literature review sections, while still considering what the actual research project might entail were we continue with the project after this course. The research problem statement should use a minimum of two scholarly, peer reviewed resources to help establish the research problem as a legitimate problem (gap) within the research topic. Set it up by establishing what the idea would be in your research topic and what the reality actually is, to allow the reader to see the gap between the two. Follow that by establishing what your research project is, and what it would do to help bridge the gap.