Find an artist and choose her/his 3 art works to write about

Afterward,you will write at least 4-page paper identifying,describing,and analyzing three works of art.                          Content:In the paper you will identify,describe,and analyze 3 prices of artwork from an artist of your choosing. In your description you should include the subject matter and formal analysis for each work of art based on your personal observation. Your paper should conclude with your own interpretation of the work. Paper must include all of these topics!    You may choose to use research from other sources in your analyze(this may include information from press releases,artist statement,or article written about the artist)Outside research is not required.                                        first paragraph:Introduce:Tell me(Identify)Tell your reader your thesis and what your paper is about. Focus starts broad,narrows to thesis.2-4paragraph:Body paragraph:Show me(Describe)Backup your thesis with evidence. Each body paragraph should support your thesis by showing the reader information backing up your main idea.last paragraph:Conclusion:So what (Analyze)How is the information from your paper relevant to a larger context?What does it all mean?Restate your thesis. Focus starts off narrows,then broadens out.