Fixing up laser game in unity while helping me on discord

Hello, I need some help making adjustments to my group laser puzzle game. The adjustments that need to be made to the game is to turn the rectile to red instead of it being black and I need to be able to start animation calls from the script there is a decent amount of animation calls that need to be made in unity since only the elevator was working but I could not get it to work and I need to fix the gravity and jumping as well. You see the gravity and jumping work on a different file and I need to transfer the code over to get it to work on the original file. We can communicate on discord app that way I can share my screen and show you my errors and you can explain to me how to do this as well and I can send you the game and what type of unity to download as well. You do not have to do the build since other people are doing it this week that way we can focus on the code just make sure the game is able to play in unity. I need this to be done by Sunday afternoon hopefully around 4:30pm at the latest and make sure to give me updates as well with your progress on here and discord as well and if you do not know what you are doing do not bid on this question at all.