Florence Nightingale Environment Theory

Select a grand nursing theorya. Categorize the chosen grand theory (Human Needs)(Grand theory chosen: Florence Nightingale Environment Theory)b. Discuss relevant background informationc. Describe the theorist’s definition of person, health, environment, and nursingd. Major assumptions, concepts, and relationshipse. Usefulness in practiceI will be attaching links to websites where you will find information along with a book and the page number to find information on Florence Nightingale’s Environment Theory.Reference page APA 7th format.A detailed description is needed for each bullet point.Links to usehttps://nursing-theory.org/articles/modern-nursing.phphttps://nursing-theory.org/theories-and-models/nightingale-environment-theory.phphttps://nursing-theory.org/nursing-theorists/Florence-Nightingale.phphttp://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/nursing_theorists.htmlBook pages 142 – 145