Compute and display the result of how much a certain number of pounds of apple costs.
2. Gas
Compute and display the price a person will pay for gas at the gas station. If the person pays with a credit card, there is an extra charge of 10% of the total price.
3. University tuition
Compute the tuition a student pays at an university, given the following rules:
Every student pays a campus fee of $6.87
Each one credit costs $20
An university employee pays only campus fee
State employee pays campus fee 10% of total number of credits cost
Assume a student cannot be an university employee and a state employee at the same time
A student paying in installments pays an additional 3% of total amount owed
4. Zoo census
There are a number of zoos in the United States. Each of these zoos is a home to giraffes, lions and snakes. Determine and display the total number of each (giraffes, lions, and snakes) in the zoos in the United States. Assume positive values.