For your Final Project you are asked to write a 4-5 page

For your Final Project you are asked to write a 4-5 page research paper

Your project should be on the topic of cross-cultural communication in your chosen major/minor. You have vetted the topic with your instructor in the Prospectus assignment.

You can approach the Final Project as a project that does overview of the subject, or as a project that describes an experiment, or analyzes results of a survey or interviews.

If you plan to do your own cross-cultural experiment, conduct interviews or design a survey involving human subjects – you must obtain the permission and comply with Human Subjects Review Program rules. Your instructor will help you with necessary steps.

Final Project Guidelines:

1. The project structure must include:

(1) Introduction (0.5-1 page); Briefly introduce us to your topic and its significance in cross-cultural communication. Tell us what you are going to investigate/argue and why it is important.

(2) Scholarly field/literature review (or what others said about your topic) (0.5 -1 page); Provide a brief overview of what is general consensus about your topic. Tell us what sources, scholars or agencies advise on your topic, make sure to provide specific citations as needed.

(3) Your thesis (what you argue, what are the points you are trying to make) together with –

(4) Evidence supporting your thesis (specific examples, quotes, paraphrasing of other scholarly sources (total for points 3 and 4 is 2-3 pages);

Points 3 and 4 are the bulk of your project: make sure to spend most time on it. Go into detail, provide examples, use images and illustrations if you are doing a presentation.

(5) Conclusion summarizing your finding and posing questions for future research or/and new directions (0.5 page). Tell us what would be the next step to learn more about in your chosen topic.

2. As you compose your project, keep in mind the following three questions: what, how and why. What is your topic and what is your argument. How you are going to demonstrate your point/prove your argument, what is your methodology. And finally, why your topic is important and why your argument contributes to the field of cross-cultural communication. These three questions should be briefly outlined in the introduction to your project.

3. The main and the largest part of your project should be examining your topic and demonstrating the validity of your argument. Remember that just stating things is not enough: you must include supporting evidence whether in the form of specific examples (from literature, from experiential sources like interviews), specific quotes that support your argument, and paraphrasing (with rightful attribution to the sources) of the scholarly sources.

4. ATTENTION! Plagiarism is against university policy and will result in an F grade for the research project, and very likely for the entire course, given the project’s weight.

5. Use scholarly sources and reputable for your bibliography. You can also use extensive and well-researched journal/magazine publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic and the like. 

6. Your project requires a 5 source bibliography. Three bibliographical sources that are *scholarly* and the rest can be other reputable sources. 

7. You can use other sources, such as opinion pieces, internet based journals and blogs, travel guides, business guides and the like to provide evidence for your paper. You must reference these sources in the footnotes but they will not count towards your bibliography.

8. For your project use MLA writing style: (Links to an external site.)

Another useful resource to know how to use MLA: