Forecasting for ellon musk 2024 mars mission.

present both qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques that you have used in this
section. In order to get bonus points, you must use real and related data and apply all the
forecasting methods— Naïve, MA, WMA, Exponential Smoothing and Techniques for
Trend—that we have discussed in the course. Then using error analysis (or forecast
accuracy) techniques (see lecture slides 46-49 from M1.3-Forecasting), choose the best
forecasting method. Briefly explain the rationale behind your choice. You may have to
summarize your forecasting accuracy results in tables first and then present details in
appendices at the end of the report. Finally, you should also construct a control chart to
monitor the forecast-errors of the best forecasting method according to your analysis;
please see lecture slide 101 from M2.1-Quality and Performance and use z=3 for your
report. You should also submit your Excel work with the report.