Fredrikous Grace English Composition April 11, 2022 Why traveling is so important

Fredrikous Grace

English Composition

April 11, 2022

Why traveling is so important

The most important thing to me will always be my family. I love traveling with my family experiencing new foods, and new adventures we don’t have where we are from. I’m from a small town in Parkton North Carolina so it’s not a lot for us to do out here. Traveling to Los Angeles California gives my family and I new sightseeing adventures , exhibit, and ways to make new unforgettable experiences. Are used to think that traveling was pointless until I realized how much of a connection it brings to your family.

My parents have always traveled so to speak out of North Carolina to South Carolina, or a Virginia. They have never traveled outside of those two areas so when my family went to Los Angeles California it opened up new doors for us. I still remember hearing the ocean ways crash as we drove through Virginia Beach when I was a child. Live in North Carolina especially in the small town where I’m from we aren’t close to any beaches, matter fact any kind of water except for a little creeks and they don’t have any waves. Hearing those ways bro so much peace to not only my mind but my mom is mind, I could see all of her stress seems to fade away while we were there.

My mom got older so we had to stop traveling as much as we did. Then the time came where she was not able to travel with us anymore so the traveling stop all together. I can still remember how sad I was knowing that we would not be able to go on any family vacations anymore because my mom body just couldn’t handle it. I watched as sometimes the stress of life started to take me over and at times I yearn for hearing the waves of the beach.

“I can’t believe we aren’t able to travel with mom anymore,” I said to my dad.

“ I know my child, I’m also really sad that mom can’t travel anymore either, but at least we still have her here with us,” Dad said in such a loving voice.

Our conversations seem to go on for hours as we sat Back in reminisce on all of the memories that we had created during those vacations. My mom being able to go on those vacations with us didn’t seem so important while we were taking them, but realizing that she can no longer go on them with us started to really affect me and my emotions. They continue to remind me to always hold the good memories that we had made near and dear to me. He always had a good way of cheering me up and making me remember the simple things of life that really mattered.

After some time life kept going and things seem to go back to normal. I didn’t get to travel with my mom but I was able to travel by myself and make more memories that I can go back and share with my mom. I remember the last time I went to the beach while driving I made sure to have the windows rolled down so I can hear the waves crashing against each other. All I can do was smell because I can hear my mom’s voice in the back of my“Baby listen to those waves, don’t they sound amazing?” She would say with so much excitement

“Why yes they do sound rather violent today mom, guess I can be really nice.” I would always reply.

Traveling as a child used to always be fun because I could see things, but the real reason I loved it because it connected me with my family. Riding around in the car seeing new sites with the people I love the most meant more to me than I could ever know. I love my mom more than I could ever explain, and even though she isn’t able to travel with us anymore my love still stays the same. As I travel as an adult I still make memories take pictures and go back to show my mom what I’ve seen an experience. The lesson of family is something I could never forget and I owe it all to my mom helping me to make the biggest connection with family and traveling.

Touchstone 1 Rubric and Feedback

Rubric Category

Your Grade

Narrative Focus – 10%

Narrative Flow – 10%

Narrative Structure – 30%

Narrative Language and Techniques – 30%

Conventions – 10%

Think About Your Writing – 10%

SCORE: /50

Hi, Fredrikous! I hope you are doing well.

I am returning this touchstone to you because it does not meet some of the basic requirements of this touchstone assignment. The assignment is to write a focused narrative account of only one event using narrative language and techniques such as vivid description, dialogue, and figurative language. You have not chosen a specific event, but rather several months or years of experiences.

Also, you have not included your answers to the reflection questions listed near the end of the Touchstone 1 directions. Please note that those answers are part of your grade.

Please review the touchstone instructions (especially the examples at the beginning of what is considered a single specific event), the rubric, and the checklist for more details and guidance on how to craft an effective narrative essay.

Thank you!