From hcexres36:05 1999 -0600 Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 15:36:04 -0600 (EST)

From hcexres36:05 1999 -0600

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 15:36:04 -0600 (EST)

From: “David A. McMurrey”


Cc: xgraphic_team

Subject: Review of your section of xgraphics HTML project

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Julie, your section of the guide is super! You’ve done several things the rest of the team ought to incorporate in their sections.

1. But I do find places where it feels like there is too much text — for example, in “Using Gravity and Snap.” It’s not a major problem but I’d be looking to see if I could cut a few lines from the longer paragraphs without sacrificing detail.

2. Your labels for the screen captures are really nice. You’ll have to show the rest of the team how you do it.

3. You leave out generic buttons on several pages — I think the group was in agreement that *all* pages would have them at the bottom.

4. I notice in some areas you use italics for some interface elements, bold for others. Our style guide states that we wanted bold for any screen button or similar element that makes something happen when you click it. Maybe we need to discuss the distinction you are thinking about here at our next meeting.