Gap Analysis and Project Charter: Patient teach back method

Complete the Gap Analysis Tool for your project by following the instructions that accompany it.Write a 350-word summary in which you:Describe the differences between the current practices (current state) and the best practices (ideal state).Assess the barriers that need to be addressed before successful implementation of best practices can occur.Identify a SMART objective for each best practice identified in your gap analysis.Task 2 – Project Charter and Scope StatementReview Ch. 3 from Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurse.Download the Project Charter Template and follow the instructions that accompany it. See the Project Charter Example for help filling out the template.Complete each section thoroughly. Missing information will result in a reduction of points.Note: Keep in mind that the information you put on the Project Charter is not set in stone. The Project Charter and the Project Scope Statement will be used as your guide for planning your project; it’s recommended that you revisit them often and make updates throughout the project.Create a Scope Statement for your project. The Scope Statement provides a description of the project and defines the project deliverables. It defines what is in the scope of the project and what is not. The scope statement should be approximately 1 page and must include the following sections:Project scope descriptionProject deliverablesProject acceptance criteria/metrics used to determine successProject exclusionsProject constraintsProject assumptionsAssignment DeliverableYour assignment deliverable will consist of the following components:Completed Gap Analysis Tool350-word summary of the differences (current and desired) and an assessment of the barriers that need to be addressed before successful implementation of best practices can occur2-3 SMART objectivesCompleted Project Charter template1-page Project Scope Statement