General guidelines Your class project requires you to start a fictitious small

General guidelines

Your class project requires you to start a fictitious small business (approximately 30 employees)

 _It should be a business that is fun and interesting to you and your classmates.

 _Examples of businesses include a detective agency, cable-access TV series, advertising firm, modeling agency, cruise ship, entertainment firm, casino, retail shop, independent newspaper, radio station, and amusement park (but NOT a bar or restaurant).

 _Choose a specific job within your business that you will hire for very frequently. Most of the project questions will focus on this job. This will be your “central job.” Try to choose a central job that represents one of the more interesting jobs in your business.

IMPORTANT TIPS as you write your answers. Make sure you always explain two aspects:

• _Theoretical content: Explain the key concept from class that will help you answer this question. To do so, make sure you go through all the slides that are highlighted with the “group project” label in each class – otherwise content will be missing.

• _Practice: Make sure you provide concrete examples of the theoretical content from class to YOUR specific business context, mission, and strategy: What do these concepts mean for your business?

REMEMBER: Your slides should cover all questions – each missing question means points missing from your group grade.

Performance Management

27. Which specific measurement (or measures) are you going to use to evaluate the performance of the employees in your central job?

28. Provide extensive detailed samples of your measure (or measures)

29. Do you have reasons to believe that your measurement approach will be good? Why? Go back to each of the measurement criteria we covered during that class and explain how your approach from Q27 performs on each of them.