geo 1000 A1

You will have to you the
textbook and only the textbook as your source of information. If you quote information from the
textbook you must include a parenthetical citation and include a citation for the textbook at the end of
your response (see below). My expectation is that you craft a quality response in your own words that
does not simply copy large sections of textbook material. When complete, submit your entry in the
assignment’s “Submission Window” on Blackboard before the due date/time. Be sure your response is
complete prior to its submission; forgotten citations (or other neglected elements) will not be
accepted through email and will be graded accordingly.
What are the basic components of a geographic information system? What are some applications of a
GIS? How has GIS been used during the COVID-19 pandemic?
 A 250 – 300 word response for the question
 Submit your entry in the assignment’s Submission Window on Blackboard prior to the due
date/time listed in the syllabus.
 Do not submit the assignment as an attachment, use the Submission Window.
Citation Expectations:
If you quote material directly from the textbook then a parenthetical citation in the response and a
citation at the end of the response is required. Even if you do not quote material from the textbook I
expect to see the citation for the textbook at the end of your response.
Example of parenthetical citation in MLA format:
“Maps were often the most prominent feature in news reports and websites covering COVID-19”
(Bjelland et al. 3).
Textbook citation in MLA format:
Bjelland, Kaplan, et al. Introduction to Geography, 16th edition. New York, NY: McGraw Hill, 2021.