Global Website

Go to the Interbrand website with the 100 Best Global Brands HERE (Links to an external site.). Identify the company that is ranked with that same special number. You will use that company for this class discussion. Click on the company’s brand name and review the info about it. How many years has the brand been included on the Interbrand Best Global Brands list? How does Interbrand indicate the company’s brand value ($M) has changed over the last ten years (or the number of years the company has been on the list)?
2. Go to that company’s home website, then four of that company’s websites that are directed to different countries or regions of the world. Explore each. Consider whether the company has a good global website. Use the following characteristics in your evaluation:
A. The ability of users to easily transition to content for their country/region B. Number of languages supportedC. Consistency of the brand image across the company’s websites that are directed to different countries/regionsD. Adaptation of the company’s websites to different countries/regions
An example is provided below using Nivea.
3. Using these four criteria, assign a grade (A to F) to the company’s global website. Explain your reasoning and use website images to support your thoughts. You should use images from at least four of the company’s websites in your explanation.