GOV 2305 Interest groups and policy making: a case of health care

GOV 2305

Interest groups and policy making: a case of health care reform

This assignment will count as two review papers!

For this assignment we are considering a documentary called ‘Obama’s Deal’. This documentary traces the process of passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, and it provides us an opportunity to examine the processes and mechanisms of law making at the national level for high profile policies. In particular, this case gives us a chance to think through several key concepts we are studying in the course: lobbying, interest groups, civil liberties, civil society, private vs. public interests, gridlock, bargaining, and representative government, to mention some.

Please, follow this link to watch “Obama’s Deal”:

Prompt: Having reviewed the documentary and consulted the textbook chapter on interest groups, how would you describe and characterize the role of interest groups in the case of health care reform? For example, what channels of political influence were utilized by interest groups representing health insurance and pharmaceutical industry? Do you think representation of different voices within the public was balanced in this case? In addition, please, reflect on how this case complements, reinforces, or, perhaps, contradicts our textbook. In your essay, please, strive to engage political vocabulary (e.g. integrating concepts such public opinion, political culture, media, interest groups, lobbying, policy making, representation, democracy, civil society, and etc.). Any other reflections you would like to include in the discussion?

Format: 2 full pages, 12 font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins.

This assignment will count as two review papers!

I am also providing a guide for the documentary in a separate file, next to the prompt. In your essay, you do not need to answer questions from the study guide – they are simply designed to help students guide their viewing of the documentary.

Finally, here is also a link to the transcript of the documentary: