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Different parenting styles dictate the level of independence of a child. Technically, a child will have a smooth life with the help of parents, but they have to grow up by themselves. Parents who do everything for their children will prevent them from learning how to do basic chores like washing clothes and cleaning a room. Therefore, parenting requires one to help a child to be independent.
In our culture, parents tend to think that children are vulnerable and dependent. They attempt to shape, control, and evaluate every behavior and action of their children. For example, Chinese parents influence the decisions of their children; they choose the schools that their children should attend and the type of career to pursue. Chinese parents practice the Authoritarian style of parenting whereby, they always arrange everything in their children’s life. They will do everything they can to their children instead of being encouraging for them to develop independence. For instance, a Chinese family will typically feed their kids up to the age of three. Chinese families will go to the extent of following children around or put them in a high chair to feed them. For a Chinese family, it is important for someone to be around and hold the child or be with them all the time. It is a situation that will encourage dependence of children on their parents. Teenagers at some point in their lives will want to break free from parental control and assert their independence. The assertion of independence may affect their psychological well-being, and there will be less cohesion with their parents.
Parents should instill the act of independence in their children like the American families where their goal is to teach their children to feed themselves as early as possible. Children should be given the freedom to be alone, make their decisions, and think independently. For example, Americans will let their children play by themselves so that they can interact with others and learn to do things by themselves. Therefore, the primary concern of a parent should be centered on the child’s aptitude to develop a sense of self rather than dependence. In this way, children are presented with options to encourage them exercise with the aim of claiming themselves Children will have a feeling of control since they are actively involved in influencing their lives.