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Connection to Course Learning OutcomesThis assignment covers the following learning outcomes from the course syllabus:Distinguish between general management and project management.Differentiate between project management process groups and project lifecycle phases.Use real world case studies to apply best practices for managing a project through the five process groups and the entire lifecycle of the project. This will include:a. Defining project objectives and identifying stakeholders.b. Aligning project objectives with the parent organization’s strategic objectives.InstructionsWork with your teammates to develop a 10-15-minute PowerPoint Presentation that summarizes ONE project from the cases listed below. All these cases are from your textbook by Meredith and Shafer (2021), and they all describe real world business scenarios.Case 3: Southern Care Hospital, pp.71-73You will UPLOAD your analysis of the case to your peers in class via a powerpoint presentation.  (NO VOICE OR TAPING IS NECESSARY).  IF you have extra information that a speaker might provide, please copy it into the NOTES part is Project objectives (Learn how to create SMART objectives)Project Life cycle phases