Group Process Assessment Paper Template Title Page (APA format) Certification of Authorship

Group Process Assessment Paper Template

Title Page (APA format)

Certification of Authorship page


Group Description

For which population is your group designed? Is it a parenting group? A communication skills group? A group for bullies or those being bullied? These are three examples only and not the required type of group.

What type of group will you create? A psychotherapy group? A psychoeducational group? Will it be short- or long-term? Justify your response

What led you to determine this is an appropriate type of group for your client?


What are your goals for this group? What will members gain from participating in the group? What are the short-term goals? Long-term goals? Are the goals and objectives specific? How will these goals be accomplished in a group setting? How will the long-range goals be accomplished once the group comes to an end?

In what ways would this group provide advantages to your client over individual counseling?

Group Leaders

You will be leading this group. What qualifications would you need to possess?

You have decided that you want to have a co-leader, how would you handle the division of responsibilities/roles, etc. between you?

Selection of members

What are some of how you will announce your group and recruit members for it? Where will you get members? What will you want to convey in any written announcements?

What kind of screening and selection procedures will you use? Justify your procedures. Whom will you include or exclude from the group?

How many members will be in the group? How often will it meet? How long will each meeting last? Will new people be allowed to join the group once it has started? Justify your decision.

What diagnostic student data would you need to plan for this group?

Structure of the group

What structure will the group have? Will you use a particular theoretical orientation? Explain in detail how your theoretical orientation will be demonstrated through the types of activities or approaches in the group? Will it be designed around special topics and issues? What topics are likely to be the focus of the group? What group rules will the group have?

Will you ask members to formulate contracts as a basis for structuring the sessions? What are some advantages and disadvantages of using contracts for your group?

How will you handle the fact that people will be taking some risks by being a member of the group? What will you tell them about these risks, and what will you do to safeguard them from unnecessary risks? If you select the child as your focus, what, if any, special precautions will you take for minors?

Will the group be voluntary or mandatory? If the members are required to attend, what measures are you taking to increase the chances of gaining their cooperation? How might you deal with the resistance of members who do not want to participate?

What may specific ethical considerations need to be addressed in your group?

What multicultural issues may need to be addressed in your group?

What techniques and procedures might you use in the group? Will there be structured exercises? Role-playing? Justify your rationale.

To what extent will you be available for individual consultation with group members? If the members are having difficulties resulting from the group, are you willing to meet with them privately or do you expect them to bring up these problems in the group? When might you suggest a referral for a particular member?


What evaluation procedures do you plan? Will you evaluate each session? If so, how? Once the group ends, what methods might you use to assess the overall effectiveness of the group?

What follow-up procedures might you use? Will you meet each member privately to discuss the degree to which he or she has met personal goals? Will you meet with the group as a whole for evaluation purposes?

What support, encouragement, and specific feedback would you provide to teachers and parents to promote student achievement without violating ethical standards.

Identify adaptations that you would recommend to the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of the clients in your group.