Hamam Al Dheeb Ba Omar Organizational Behavior – BA 302 Problem Solving

Hamam Al Dheeb Ba Omar

Organizational Behavior – BA 302

Problem Solving Project Part 1

My personal stress management is the problem that I have chosen to concentrate on for the duration of this term. I’ve been suffering from anxiety issues for the last two years, particularly during this Pandemic. This anxiety is not a new feeling for me; it began when I was accepted for a scholarship from my home country to the United States; I was used to feeling stressed because I was worried about how life would be here and how I would handle the challenges, which disrupted my primary mode of stress management. Due to the pandemic and the scholarship agency’s stipulations, my friends who were with me at the beginning of my studies here had to move to different colleges and countries. And they were the ones dealing with the difficulties of estrangement, and they played a part in reducing the stress that came with it. Furthermore, I am a naturally anxious person. I used to enjoy outdoor activities in the fresh air, but owing to the recent circumstances, I have not been able to exercise to assist me reduce this strain, which has aggravated the issue. Nowadays, I feel lonely and a lot. I miss home and I haven’t immersed enough in society at university, and I have free time that I don’t fill with useful things. Also, I clearly feeling the consequences of not getting enough rigorous physical exercise in my routine, and I have started taking measures to alter this dynamic, but this project will enable me to be responsible for my objectives, become organized, and adhere to a schedule.

Because this subject is all about stress management, I suppose I will focus on the organization concept of stress reduction. To solve this problem, I must follow several steps so that if I follow them, it will be easier for me to overcome this problem. Some of the ways I want to participate in this new stress-management technique are as follows: Firstly, adjusting to the college community and finding new friendships to replace those who have gone away. Also, take part in university activities accessible to students, attempt to identify my weaknesses and strengths, and do what is required to be an active member of society. In addition, finding a job in campus so I can gain a good experience and fill my free time. Then, engage in an outdoor activity like what I did before the pandemic, such as hiking, bicycling, backpacking, or going on a stroll. Finally, I will need to establish and consolidate all these objectives and work on achieve them. I’ll make a spreadsheet to track my exercises and objectives to know how my progress is. The goals listed above, as well as the organizing of my objectives, will be critical in enhancing my life and the lives of others around me, at work, at home, in the community, and while I’m with my friends and family. I am excited about the challenge and will completely commit to this endeavor.