Health Care Ethics

Initial Post:1.  Ethics vs. Moralsa. Define and examine the concepts “ethics” and “morals” and how they differ from one another. Do not use direct quotes, but rather paraphrase and cite your source.2.  Moralsa. Define the three types of morality (personal, societal, and group). Do not use direct quotes, but rather paraphrase and cite your source. b. Share a personal moral issue that conflicts with either group or societal morals, explaining how it conflicts. Examine how you manage the conflict (or how you would manage it if you shared an example you have not experienced).3.  Moral and Ethical Issuesa. Share an example of a healthcare-related moral or ethical issue from the perspective of the nurse or healthcare management professional. *A common example of a moral issue would be abortion or a Jehovah’s Witness refusing a blood transfusion or heparin (pork product). * A common example of an ethical dilemma would be a family member/healthcare proxy reversing the patient’s request for a DNR order. * A common non-nursing example of an ethical dilemma is protecting organizational interests versus patient or healthcare worker interests.b. Explain which type of issue (moral or ethical) it is and why you believe so.Note: *Do not cite the above moral or ethical examples as your response to this question. Do not use actual names. Be sure to share sufficient details about your example.  4.    Code of Ethics**For nursing students: Access the Code of Ethics at the  ANA website (hyperlinked) and review the 9 Provisions. Select one Provision and one Interpretive Statement (found within the Provision you selected. Example: 1.2, 2.4, 4.2, etc.) that best represents the moral or ethical issue you wrote about above in question three (3). a. Define the Provision and Interpretive Statement and apply it to your case. Be sure your response includes any guidelines and expectations found within the Provision. b. How does your Code of Ethics assist the healthcare professional with identifying and making decisions about ethical issues in professional practice?