Healthcare Management Discussion

Identify one specific organization, delivery, or financing aspect of the U.S. health care system (very briefly describe it). For that specific aspect, identify a key challenge in terms of needing to improve it, and in doing so try to link it to something specific in Neuwirth Ch. 1 related to cost, quality, workforce dynamics, or patient satisfaction (pick one of these, for example). Think carefully about making this linkage and provide some sort of brief logic as to why the link being made is appropriate. Posts should not simply summarize material in a reading or video, they must reflect careful thought put into making the linkage. Posts must be apx. 200-225 words; shorter or longer posts will affect the grade. Late posts will have points deducted. Please remember, this is to be done individually.
I will send you the chapter 1 pdf later and please read carefully and your answer should be link to specific in the textbook.