Healthcare Management

Several ethical challenges or issues are facing the healthcare industry currently. These challenges range from what the patients, clinical leaders, and even health practitioners face in any healthcare system. The most common ethical problem is the patient’s confidentiality and privacy. It is vital to protect any information regarding the patient, and as such, it is one of the most critical legal and ethical issues in healthcare today. Conversations between patients and healthcare professionals are supposed to be highly confidential, as they are about the health condition of the patient (Bourgeois, 2015). Several measures are put across to define the type of information and to whom the information will be conveyed. As such, healthcare providers are obligated to ensure the privacy of their patients. If a healthcare system has a robust privacy mechanism, it will ensure public confidence in the system eliminate stigma and discrimination to patients living with conditions like HIV/AIDS and other STIs  (Bourgeois, 2015).

            As a healthcare manager, I should ensure that my staff and other members within the organization practice patients’ respect and confidentiality on their information. This can be achieved through regular seminars on the importance of privacy and the benefit that this can bring to us as an organization. Patients need to create confidence in the system, and the only way to achieve this is through knowing that the information they disclose to our doctors, nurses, and clinical leaders remains confidential.


Bourgeois, F. C. (2015). Preserving patient privacy and confidentiality in the era of personal health records. Pediatrics, 135(5), e1125-e1127.