Hello class, The assignment for motivation of personnel was something I struggled

Hello class,


The assignment for motivation of personnel was something I struggled with due to being military and what could be allowed. Maybe I wasn’t thinking outside the box as well as I should have been. My proposal for motivating personnel in my recruiting station involves allowing the military to wear civilian clothes on certain scheduled days by purchasing a raffle ticket. The incentives of this idea range from members relaxing in civilian work attire like our civilian employees, increasing funds for station picnics or the holiday party, and tickets purchased can provide rewards. The work attire would be given guidelines for what is appropriate and required.

Most members have a decent pair of blue jeans or even dress pants that would be sufficient, and either wear a plain polo shirt at a minimum. With the purchase of a ticket to wear civilian work attire, the member then has a chance of also being rewarded. The rewards can be used in drawings for a day off, gift cards for local businesses, or significant store names. All the money goes back to the station members as a prize initially or helping make the station picnics or holiday party be a bigger and better event that also can have rewards.

Possible risks associated with this proposal are that members think they don’t have to act professionally while at a work site. The scheduled civilian clothes day would be a Friday and not conflict with any significant base events. However, the military likes to have last-minute tasks where the possible cancelation of civilian clothes that day. Another risk is not including the civilian workforce since they already wear appropriate attire for their job each day. Mishaps are a concern; however, they could also happen while in uniform at any given time. Appreciate any help making this proposal a better one.

One of my units had something similar where we could wear civilian clothing on Fridays for a month after purchasing tickets each week where the money went towards a local veteran’s non-profit organization.  The first few weeks everyone participated, but by the last week only a few members participated.  I think one of your biggest challenges will be getting members to continue participating in the events.  You could change what the money goes towards every time or let members know that every time they participate is another chance to win some big item at the end of the month.