Download the graphs for the
Number of banks in the Federal Reserve Chicago District, and the Return on Average Assets for
Banks in the Chicago District; both for the last 5 year period.

Briefly (in about one page max) describe the causes of the Great Depression, the timeline of the
crisis, and the steps taken by the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve in the aftermath
of the Great Depression.

Briefly explain the following pieces of legislation and its impact on the Financial Sector and
consumers. (max 1⁄2 page each)

Glass Steagall Act as well as its repeal

McFadden Act as well as its repeal

Dodd Frank Act.

If a bank has $200,000 of checkable deposits, a required reserve ratio of 20 percent, and it holds
$80,000 in reserves, then what is the maximum deposit outflow it can sustain without altering
its balance sheet ?

Your bank has the following balance sheet:



Reserves $ 50 million

Checkable deposits $200 million

Securities 50 million

Bank capital 50 million

Loans 150 million

If the required reserve ratio is 10%, what possible actions can the bank manager take if there is an unexpected deposit outflow of $50 million?