History Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Reform and Conflict, 1820-1848
· What conditions gave rise to the development of religious communities such as the Shakers?
· What was the main idea of the Temperance movement?
· Why were native-born Americans hostile to immigrants, specifically Irish immigrants?
· What were the different methods and tactics that abolitionists used to further their cause?
· Who were the new urban middle class, what was their life like, and what role did women play in this class?
· American Colonization Society (also in Chapter 10 so add Chapter 11 info to that ID)
· William Lloyd Garrison
· Gag rule
· Moral suasion
· Lucretia Mott
· Seneca Falls Convention
· Sarah and Angelina Grimké
· Lyceum movement
· Benevolent empire
· Female Moral Reform Society
· Liberty Party
· Irish immigrants