history of ancient

The following questions are meant to help focus your attention as you wade through the academic language. Use them to help you write your response paper. (A response paper should consist of at least one double-spaced page, and no more than about three.) Some questions may require, or suggest, that you do some additional research. Feel free to do so, but not obligated to make a big deal out of it. We will be discussing these questions together in class, so give them a bit of thought.1)    This article does not have an “argument” as such. How might that be characteristic of the papyrological field of study? Remind me—what is papyrology? ?2)    How does the author approach the reading of the papyrus horoscopes? Is it different from the way scholars approach other kinds of ancient texts?3)    How did ancient astrologers use narrative to create a “deluxe” astrological experience for their clients?