History Review

For the remaining 4-5 sentences, focus on a historically significant aspect (or a historical consequence) of your ID. Make sure to include as many historical details (events, major players, periods, and/or documents that relate to your ID) as possible.Your four IDs:`Black Legend of Spain`Declaration of Independence`Treaty of Paris (1783)`Columbian ExchangePART TWO: No longer than 250 words. In three paragraphs, make sure to answer the question in an organized and clear manner.The Age of Enlightenment witnessed the development of several philosophical concepts. Identify three Age of Enlightenment philosophers and discuss their main philosophical ideas (keep in mind these ideas do not have to relate to political concepts) The following is an example outline of the paragraphs 1.      Paragraph 1 (religious experiment one)a.      Discussion of religious leaderb.      Discussion of primary beliefs