Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé | Netflix FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIVES BELOW: The

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé | Netflix


The ESSAY is required to be a minimum of 2 pages (1,000 minimum word count), single space, Times New Roman, Font 12, and have page numbers. Students are to demonstrate critical thinking as it relates to having analyzed the film. Be sure to spell-check your work. *Follow the protocol and directions below. The project is worth 100 points so deliver a good scholarly body of work.

Keep in mind that before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help you prepare and understand the essay:

1. Examine the film thoroughly

2. Take notes, write down and highlight relevant facts

3. Focus on Your Analysis: Include all of the below into the essay.

Explain the film and what it was about.

How does the film fit the bill for being entertainment marketing?

Identify the purpose of the film; the objectives.

What was the intended message or messages?

What problem was being addressed and what was the solution?

Identify two to five key things that stand out.

Discuss the four 4C’s as they relate to the film (Content, Conduit, Consumption, Convergence)

Incorporate other concepts from the course such as; how was the film marketed or promoted?

Who is the target market?

How was the film used as a marketing tool? What was being marketed (there were several)?

What other opportunities could become possibilities as a result of the film?

What type of preparation do you think went into the film? *Remember the role of the producer.

What type of marketing preparation do you think went into this project? What had to be considered when putting the film together?

Who did the filmmakers partner with?

What other entertainment marketing platforms present themselves in the film and/or what other entertainment marketing platforms could be used to spread the message even more?