Hospitality Networking Series Assignment overview: The Interview Report is the summary of

Hospitality Networking Series

Assignment overview:

The Interview Report is the summary of the theoretical content relating to the groups’ chosen area of management, linked to the thematic analysis of the transcription of the interview allowing for the arrival at some appropriate managerial conclusions.

Overall aim:

The overall aim is to gain an insight into the current practices in the chosen management domain (in the industry segment in which the industry practitioner operates) and to relate it to the academic perspective to give the opportunity to critically appraise the application and linkage from theory to industry practice. In order to do this the report needs to include the two main components of the research, the review of the theories associated with the subject matter, and the data extracted from the interview, the transcript of which needs to be exposed to a form of Thematic Analysis. The use of these separate sections should allow for the arrival at conclusions in relation to the currency or not of the relevance/importance of the theoretical perspective in relation to industry practice.

Tasks, Organization and Grading:

Introduction to the business scenario, managerial concept to be explored, and including a brief bio on the organization for whom the industry practitioner works. (max. 150 words)

Since 1927, Marriott International hotel company is famous in the hospitality industry for its luxury hotel portfolio, it has famous brands such as the Ritz Carlton sheraton, Westin and the W. Marriott owns and operates some of their precticular hotels brands in extraordinary locations. Marriott’s business model is franchising or managing hotels rather than owning them, the company revenue streams is management fee revenues earned through managing/franchising properties, the revenue based on base management fees, franchise fees, license fees and incentive management fees. Marriott hotel vision is “ to be the World’s Favorite travel company.” A unique feature of Marriott loyalty program “Bonvoy ” includes PointSavers, keyless room entry in some hotels, online check in and check out. This report indicates an interview with Marriott vice president of full service and luxury franchising in Europe, Middle East and Africa, who oversees 450 hotels. The COVID pandemic closed 75% of them.

2. Literature review (in annotated bibliography format).

Using 10 academic articles (used to design the semi- structure interview questions), section two is to present the main themes relating to the area of managerial expertise chosen (approx. 1000 words), concluding with a summary of the key theoretical perspectives to be/to have been explored in the interview

3. Presentation of the key industry perspectives extracted from the interview.
The interview is to be transcribed (submitted in the appendices to this report), then the execution of a simple thematic analysis should allow for the identification of the opinions of the industry practitioner. It may be appropriate to present this in both diagrammatic as well as text format.

(approx. 500/600 words)

4. Discussion and Managerial conclusions.( my part)
This section needs to reflect on the linkages between the theoretical perspectives relating to the subject matter in relation to the output of the interview. This should allow for the comparison of similarities or differences in the currency, relevance, and application of management theory in industry practice (400-500 words).

9 Interview questions

1.What strategic changes and changes in policies have been made due to the impact of the pandemic? – Intro

2.How do you support your franchisees during times like pandemic?- Intro

3.What are your criteria for choosing a franchisee? do you choose which brand fit for the location or the franchisee

5.Would you be able to give as an example of some of the problems you faced with franchisees? How did you overcome them?

6.In terms of changing the ownership from both sides, what the circumstances for breaking or shorten the contract

7.How is the culture of the franchise or the country could affect your expansion? What do you do to overcome these challenges?

8.Due to the Industry pressure in terms of innovation. Can you give us an example of one or two innovative ideas that will keep ahead compared to its competitors?

9.How do you manage the entire franchise of Marriott hotels to ensure the success of each hotel under your brand?