Hottest Real estate market

Given Stonelake’s focus on high-growth markets in the Sunbelt region, please put together a 5-minute presentation pitching the new MSA that Stonelake should enter. Basically this is more of a powerpoint proving which market and why you would enter. Choose one of the 8 markets below and compare with numbers (rents and percentages like the attachment) through excel and stuff to compare why the market you choose is better than the others.What To Do:The market I have chosen is Charleston and the markets to choose from are below. I need you to either make two powerpoint slides or write two pages stating just a FEW the advantages and disadvantages of all  these market compared to Charleston. Include a graph that compares all the markets and choose the industrial or multifamily rise or population rise. Thank you and let me know with any questions. An example of a graph is below 1. Raleigh, NC 2. Charolette, NC 3. Charleston,NC 4. Jacksonville, Florida 5. Palm beach, Florida 6. Ft Lauderdale, Florida 7. Miami, Florida 8. Savannah, Georgia