How did Iroquois use diplomacy to sustain their power in northeastern America

There are few details that the writer should consider them:
_ You MUST have a title. Your title should indicate both your thesis and your topic.
_ When citing an event, fact, or someone else’s opinion you must use a footnote. USE AT LEAST 16 FOOTNOTES with 16 QUOTATIONS.
_ Use Chicago style for the footnotes and make sure to put the page numbers as well for the books.
Date events when possible (dates are crucial in historical writing)
_ When introducing historical actors use their title and first and last name.
_ When introducing a Native American, specify their tribal affiliations when possible.
_ Date all events by year and when necessary, by month and day
_ Avoid Passive sentences. All of the sentences should be in active form
_ Aim for short, sharp, declarative sentences
_ Make sure to have at least 16 quotes with 16 footnotes.
_ Make sure to use both books that I’m going to provide them to you. (I’ve attached one of the books, for the other one, I’ll email pictures of the pages) but make sure to use both of them
_ At the end of the essay send me a plagiarism report if possible
_ Make sure to have 5 full pages