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Earth’s lithosphere is divided into a number of tectonic plates. On Earth, there are seven or eight major plates (the number depends on how the major plate is defined) as well as many smaller plates. When the plates meet, their relative motion determines the type of boundary, whether it is convergent, divergent, or metamorphic. Earthquakes and volcanoes occur and oceanic mountains and trenches form at the boundaries of tectonic plates. Lateral movement relative to the plates typically ranges from zero to 10 cm per year. [2]
Tectonic plate consists of a rocky cover of oceanic and cover a rocky continental thicker crust topped both private ground both. Along the convergent boundary, the plates sink into the mantle; The lost material is replaced by the formation of new oceanic crust at the divergent boundaries caused by seafloor expansion. In this way, the total area of the globe remains constant. Thus, the mechanism of this theory is similar to the principle of work of the conveyor belt. While, some of the old theories assumed (which still have some supporters) gradual contraction (contraction) or the gradual expansion of the world. [3]