How to make slime (outline)

the materials that I used were: saline solution, baking soda, food coloring, school glue, a bowl and spoons. you part is to do the explanation. you can look in youtube how to make a slime so you can get the idea. thank you. I need that for today before midnight. thank you
The body of the outline consists of: Outline Organization (what an outline MUST contain) GENERAL PURPOSE OF SPEECH: SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF SPEECH: CENTRAL IDEA OF SPEECH: INTRODUCTION 1. Attract the attention and interest of the audience 2. Establish the speaker’s good-will and credibility 3. Reveal the topic in an interesting/intriguing manner 4. Preview the body of the speech BODY1. Organized series of 3-5 main ideas 2. Support in the form of testimony, illustrations, examples, statistics CONCLUSIONS 1. Emphasize the main points of the speech. 2. Give a sense of finality to the presentation.
(You tube) refer How to make slime using glue, baking soda, and saline solution.