hpr108-1: option 1

Imagine you will be educating high school students on how to read, understand, and use the nutrition facts label. Select two nutrition facts labels from the internet or from your cupboard to use as examples and write an essay that details what you would say to these students:
Provide a concise summary of each of seven items from a nutrition facts labels: 1) serving size; 2) servings per container; 3) calories; 4) calories from fat; 5) percent daily value; 6) nutrients; and 7) ingredient list. Use resources from appropriate internet sources, to explain these seven label components (both general facts about the components and specific facts pertaining to the labels).
Using the two nutrition facts labels you selected, provide an explanation of how each of the seven label components may influence your choice as a consumer as to whether to purchase the food items.
Include the two nutrition facts labels as an appendix to your essay (copy and paste, screenshot, or a photograph; not part of the page count).
– Your paper should be 2 pages in length and conform to APA guidelines.
– Include at least two scholarly references in addition to the course textbook.