HR Turnover questions

It is
important that you answer each part of the question thoroughly and provide the
information requested. Read the question carefully!! This is a 20 point essay – a one-
page response will not be sufficient to fully answer all the components of the question
and more than 4 pages is too much. Plan your response.
You have just signed on as the Manager of Human Resources for a large manufacturing
company in the Chicago area. Your company manufactures parts to the automotive industry
such as air duct assemblies for various models of new vehicles as well as to the secondary
market for these same parts. Upon conducting an audit of HR initiatives and trying to
understand the challenges you want to tackle, you find that the overall turnover rate for this
company is 37%. You have not worked in this specific industry but you feel at first glance that
this number is high. Based on this limited information that you have, lay out a strategy for
addressing turnover. You should include the following in your answer:

1. Is the 37% turnover a cause for concern? How would you go about finding out this
information? (5 points)

2. What additional data will you gather to learn more about the turnover in this organization?
Remember that your readings discuss different types of turnover and this should be addressed
in your answer along with any benefits of turnover. (5 points)

3. Assume that you find that the turnover is problematic. Particularly, you discover that the
turnover for non-exempt staff is 42% – well over the total turnover for the organization. Prepare
a strategy to suggest to the CEO for addressing this turnover, specifically addressing possible
causes of the turnover and solutions related to those causes. You will need to think about many

of the concepts we have discussed throughout this course in order to answer this question fully.
(10 points)