You will prepare a paper in APA format on either an HRIS issue, advancement, or future trend.  You will include the following elements: – An introduction of the issue, advancement, or future trend which includes the current research on the topic.- What is the role in HR of the technology or advancement chosen?- The impact the advancement or future trend has on human resources and the organization- What HR and organizations must do to prepare for and support the advancement or trend. When identifying a solution or action organizations must take, you will want to include a minimum of two concepts from the weekly topics addressed throughout the course.**Use a minimum of 5 sources with 3 of those sources being peer reviewed.TOPICS THAT HAVE BEEN COVERED THROUGH THE COURSE: – TECHNOLOGY AND HUMAN RESOURCES- THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN TALENT ACQUISITION- THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN TALENT MANAGEMENT- THE USE OF HR ANALYTICS TO ACHIEVE A COMPETITIVE EDGE – ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND SELF SERVICE PORTALS – SYSTEMS SELECTIONS, IMPLEMENTATION AND ACCEPTANCE – THE DIGITAL WORKFORCE EXPERIENCE