Human Trafficking

For this Assignment, watch the “Bradley” video.In a 2- to 4-page paper, identify two opening exercises that you might recommend for a group of adolescent girls who were victims of human trafficking.Describe the exercises in detail so that another social worker would be able to implement them.

Explain ways these exercises might be effective in creating a comfortable environment for these teenage girls.

Support your rationale with the literature. For example, what does the literature say about teenage girls who have been arrested for prostitution/human trafficking and who openly discuss their experiences?

How do these exercises promote group cohesion and encourage these teens to talk openly?login information to access the Bradley video:

user: go to course SOCW 6121

click on week 8


scroll down until you see “required media” and click on play(I may have to send you a verification code once you login. I will send it to you once I get the text)