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Smart solutions Argument paperFor your unit 3 formal paper, you’ll identify and argue for a smart solution to a relevant problem. The “relevant problem” you choose to focus on could either be a problem addressed by Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy OR a problem you’ve learned about through your service learning experiences. You are expected to make a case in the paper that this is a relevant and significant problem. Then, you’ll use research to look at possible solutions to this problem. In your paper, you will identify, explain, and defend a smart solution to this problem. You’ll write a argumentative paper (1000-1500 words), wherein you’ll persuade me of that your solution is actually “smart” using relevant evidence.
The primary goal in this paper is to develop a persuasive thesis (basically: {My proposed smart solution} is a smart solution to {a relevant problem}), based on strong evidence and ethical, clear reasoning.
Source requirements/Evidence: In order to succeed at this assignment, you will need to do academic research, finding and using at least 4 relevant resources. We will talk about different strategies for persuasion throughout unit 3, and especially the importance of blending facts, statistics, anecdotal examples, and relevant quotations as evidence. A requirement of this paper is that you employ a powerful true story as one part of your argument. But it is important to balance powerful storytelling (anecdotal or narrative evidence) with other types of evidence. You are definitely welcome to use the sources you employed in unit 2, but you don’t have to use them. You should also look for additional sources. These might include credible websites, oral interviews, data sets, and secondary articles from the VCU Library. (Search their collections here.)
It is VERY important that you cite the sources you use! If you borrow ideas or language from a source, you should let your readers know by using the citation style you choose to employ (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) We will practice doing this in class, and you are welcome to ask for help. Failure to cite a quote (or put it in “quote marks”) is plagiarism, so please be careful to acknowledge all your sources in the paper!
Organization: I recommend that you develop an outline for your argument using the Toulmin Outline (which we’ll use in class) or some other organization scheme that makes sense to you. You want to offer your readers several main reasons for why your solution is smart, and then provide evidence for that reasoning.
Self Assessment: Please remember to include a self assessment identifying your strengths, weaknesses, etc. attached to the back of your paper copy when you hand it in.